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What College Should I Apply Quiz

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After schooling, everyone grapples to choose the best college out of thousands on the list. After all, it’s a matter of one’s career so it’s absolutely necessary to choose the college wisely as much as the specialization to make sure it does not turn to be lifetime regret. If you’re one of them take this engaging 10-question quiz to find the right college you should apply to.

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1. How is the economic status of your family?

64326 My parents can afford anything for me
64327 My parents can’t afford the fee of private college
64328 I can’t afford the fee without any scholarship
64329 I need fully funded scholarship

2. Which school club you like the most?

64330 Gardening Club
64331 Student’s Club
64332 Japanese Club
64333 Skiing Club

3. What do you love to do in your leisure time?

64334 Sit in the canteen and hang out with friends
64335 Go for fishing
64336 Go for swimming
64337 Reading books

4. What you want to become when you grow up?

64338 A superstar Actor
64339 A renowned Artist
64340 A musician
64341 A dancer

5. What do you do for a workout?

64342 I do swimming
64343 I like to go to the gym regularly
64344 I do yoga and aerobics at home
64345 I don’t like a workout

6. How much assignment you can do?

64346 I can balance it with other chores
64347 I cannot do much
64348 I can’t take that much that it interferes with my hobbies
64349 Give it as you want

7. How will you describe your ideal professor at college?

64350 He/she is expert in the subject
64351 He/she has an appealing personality
64352 He/she is stubborn and strict
64353 He/she is friendly with students

8. What kind of friends you’re interested to make at college?

64354 Same as I made at school
64355 People with good financial and social status
64356 Fun and frolic
64357 Amiable and caring

9. Which class do you like the most?

64358 Computer programming
64359 English Language
64360 Foreign languages
64361 Science

10. Which season do you like the most?

64362 Spring
64363 Summer
64364 Winter
64365 Fall
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