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Which College Should You Actually Go To Quiz

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Have you ever wonder, which college will be the best when it comes to education surrounds? If no, then we are inviting you to play this quiz and answer these simple questions to know which learning institute is best for you.

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1. Out of these which one you will pick as more valuable?

19826 Party
19827 Education
19828 Sports
19829 All of them

2. Describe your study habits?

19830 A last-minute student
19831 Believe in regular studies
19832 Just copy someone else's work
19833 None of the above-mentioned habits

3. What would you prefer when you are stressed?

19834 Eat/ Go get a drink
19835 Study
19836 Play video games
19837 Do some meditate

4. What is an ideal college environment for you?

19838 Cosmopolitan and crowded
19839 Wide-open vistas
19840 A close-knit college with great architecture
19841 The one who serves best for education

5. For you is it important for you to complete your degree with a highly reputable university?

19842 Not very
19843 Yes, it is very important
19844 Somewhat
19845 I don’t know

6. After graduation, what are your plans?

19846 Have my own clothing company
19847 Open my own books reseller business
19848 Explore a good-paying job
19849 Not decided yet

7. What kind of architecture you will expect from your college?

19850 A sort of big infrastructure, which facilitates complete facilities
19851 It won’t matter for me
19852 I want good quality education
19853 The one who have a big-classy gym

8. How is your family wealth status?

19854 We're rich
19855 Medium
19856 Not so good financially
19857 Very poor

9. What kind of classes would be best for you?

19858 I want to achieve practical experience
19859 Small classes that involves active participation from the students
19860 I am not interested in lectures
19861 All of them

10. When you are free, what will you do?

19862 Studying
19863 Watching a movie on Netflix
19864 Partying
19865 Spend some Me-Time
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