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Quiz: How To Decide On A College?

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After passing school, college is the best source to get an education for the future. End up at the right college always helps you to choose the right career path for future preference. Take our quiz for inspiration that strives to match students to colleges that will enable long-term growth.

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1. How would you react when you are stressed?

20154 Study
20155 Drink a lot
20156 Play video games
20157 Eat lots of junk

2. Does placement really matter to you?

20158 Yes
20159 No
20160 Somewhere
20161 Not it all

3. What are your study habits?

20162 Believe in regular studies
20163 A last-minute student
20164 I love to do a group study
20165 Copy someone else's work

4. What is more valuable for you?

20166 Sports
20167 Education
20168 Party
20169 Acting

5. Is the name and reputation of the college matters?

20170 Not very
20171 Somewhat
20172 Very important
20173 Not at all

6. What’s an ideal college environment?

20174 Crowded
20175 Popular
20176 Great architecture
20177 Hygienic cafeteria zone

7. How’s your family status?

20178 Rich
20179 Poor
20180 Medium
20181 Very rich

8. What would you do for a living?

20182 Join a band
20183 Be an actress
20184 I might do marine biology
20185 None of the above

9. What kind of classes do you like?

20186 Labs
20187 Small classes
20188 Any class
20189 Lectures

10. Pick one of the following

20190 I’ll be cooking my meals
20191 I request my neighbor to cook a food for me
20192 In the Cafeteria
20193 Local coffee shops and restaurants
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