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Check Your Knowledge About Adaptation Trivia Quiz

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Adaptation is the characteristic of living organisms that develop over a period of time. It enables the organism to survive and reproduce within the limits of a particular environment. Basically there are two types of adaptations first one is short term adaptation and another one is long term adaptation. In short term adaptation, there are temporary changes produced in response to specific environment and are meant for smooth adjustment of the organism to unfavorable conditions. These adaptations disappear after the removal of stress conditions. Long term adaptation, permanent inheritable changes in structure and function produce an organism for a better mode of living and adjustment with the environment. They have both survival value and evolutionary importance. So take the Adaptation quiz and know more about adaptation.

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1. Which of the organism have larger body size?

43725 Terrestrial
43726 Volant
43727 Aquatic
43728 Desert

2. Which one of the following has the characteristic of blubber?

43729 Bony fishes
43730 Reptiles
43731 Cartilaginous fishes
43732 Aquatic mammals

3. In which organ Uromastix store water?

43733 Small intestine
43734 Stomach
43735 Large intestine
43736 Buccal cavity

4. The flying dragon is...

43737 Pteropus
43738 Draco
43739 Exocoetus
43740 All of these

5. Which one of the following is the highly spiny desert lizard?

43741 Heloderma
43742 Mabuia
43743 Phyrynosoma
43744 Moloch

6. Which one of the following desert animals has poison, the most deadly weapon of defense?

43745 Red ant
43746 Rattlesnake
43747 Heloderma
43748 All of the above

7. Which one of the following has the characteristic of prehensile feet?

43749 Parrot
43750 Tree frog
43751 Desert snakes
43752 Kangaroo

8. The organisms capable of climbing are categorized as.....

43753 Fossorial
43754 Cursorial
43755 Scansorial
43756 Volant

9. What kind of eyes is present in marsupial moles?

43757 Vestigial
43758 Very powerful sensory organ
43759 With keen eyesight to locate food
43760 With well developed rods and cones

10. Animals having a two-footed mode of progression comes under...

43761 Digitigrade gait
43762 Bipedal gait
43763 Unguligrade gait
43764 None of the above

11. Which one of the following is the flying amphibian?

43765 Hyla
43766 Exocoetus
43767 Pteropus
43768 Rhacophorus

12. The organ of flight in bats is.....

43769 Wings
43770 Feathers
43771 Patagia
43772 Cuticular flaps
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