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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Ecological Adaptations! Let's Test Your Knowledge About Ecological Adaptations

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The ecological adaptation is the adjustment of an organism to withstand a particular environment. Conditions of the habitat influence the organisms that may cause variations among the individuals. Hindi patients are called phenotypic plasticity or ecophenes. They evolve a genetically adapted local population of a species which differ from each other on the basis of morphological all characters. Although they differ genetically yet they are interfertile. Such species are called ecotypes. Take this quiz and know more about ecological adaptations.

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1. Ecotypes are common among.....

46274 Plants
46275 Animals
46276 Plants and sessile animals
46277 None of these

2. The transition area between two ecotypes shows the gradual change from one ecotype to others largely due to interbreeding. It is called.......

46278 Echophene
46279 Ecotypes
46280 Ecoline
46281 All of these

3. Shade adapted plants have......

46282 Low photosynthesis
46283 Low respiration rate
46284 Both of these
46285 None of these

4. Light adapted plants are also known as...

46286 Heliophytes
46287 Sciophytes
46288 Halophytes
46289 Oligotrophic

5. In the aquatic environment which tissue gives buoyancy and transportation of oxygen in plants?

46290 Parenchyma
46291 Epidermis
46292 Vascular tissue
46293 Aerenchyma

6. In which of the following the roots are areal and provided with pneumatophores on their surface for effective gaseous exchange?

46294 Sciophytes
46295 Heliophytes
46296 Halophytes
46297 None of these

7. The capacity of an organism to blend with the surrounding is called.......

46298 Warning coloration
46299 Hibernation
46300 Mimicry
46301 Comouflage

8. The resemblance of one organism to another which is distasteful to the Predator is called......

46302 Cryptic appearance
46303 Mimicry
46304 Warning coloration
46305 All of these
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