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Quiz: Cosmetology State Board Exam Practice Test

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1. Choose that portion of hair where the chemical wave solution is absorbed faster?

111594 At Crown
111595 At Scalp
111596 Where hair porosity is greatest
111597 Where hair density is greatest

2. What will you call If the cuticle is slightly raised and accepts color products with ease?

111598 Normal
111599 Resistant
111600 Fine
111601 Coarse

3. What should we do to the hair before giving a chemical wave?

111602 Slightly dampened
111603 Brushed vigorously
111604 Given a cream rinse
111605 Analyzed and shampooed

4. What will you advise to add strength and body to damaged hair?

111606 Massage treatment
111607 Hair analysis
111608 Permanent wave
111609 Conditioning treatment

5. What is a coiled, corkscrew-shaped bacteria cell that causes syphilis and cholera is called?

111610 Bacilli
111611 Spirillum
111612 Streptococci
111613 Cocci

6. What will happen if the temporary color rinse is applied to normal?

111618 Coat cuticle layer
111619 Coat medulla layer
111620 Penetrate cuticle
111621 Penetrate medulla

7. Why do you think is antiseptic applied to tweezed areas during arching?

111622 To open pores
111623 To eliminate pain
111624 To avoid infection
111625 To remove dead skin

8. Which instrument is used to slither client's hair?

111626 Razor
111627 Shears
111628 Thinning Shears
111629 Clippers

9. Why is it important to use conditioner-filler during chemical relaxer retouch service?

111630 Coats and seals the relaxer into hair
111631 Allows deeper penetration of relaxer int hair shaft
111632 Help even the porosity
111633 Increases neutralizing time

10. What type of manicure is the best to suit for dry cuticles and brittle nails?

111634 Oil
111635 Machine
111636 Regular
111637 Antiseptic

11. Where are nerves and blood vessels found in the nail?

111638 Bed
111639 Plate
111640 Lunula
111641 Cuticle
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