Quiz: Cosmetology State Board Exam Practice Test

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Have you ever been afraid about giving any exam? Are you also afraid to give the test and get Cosmetology certification? You might have wondered what if you could get some ideas of questions or some sample tests that might help you in solving the exam? So we bring to you this very interesting quiz, that will help you in getting some basic ideas and some sample questions for the test. Try out this quiz and you might be able to reciprocate your mind for the test.

Questions Excerpt

1. Choose that portion of hair where the chemical wave solution is absorbed faster?

A. At Crown

B. At Scalp

C. Where hair porosity is greatest

D. Where hair density is greatest

2. What will you call If the cuticle is slightly raised and accepts color products with ease?

A. Normal

B. Resistant

C. Fine

D. Coarse

3. What should we do to the hair before giving a chemical wave?

A. Slightly dampened

B. Brushed vigorously

C. Given a cream rinse

D. Analyzed and shampooed

4. What will you advise to add strength and body to damaged hair?

A. Massage treatment

B. Hair analysis

C. Permanent wave

D. Conditioning treatment

5. What is a coiled, corkscrew-shaped bacteria cell that causes syphilis and cholera is called?

A. Bacilli

B. Spirillum

C. Streptococci

D. Cocci

6. What will happen if the temporary color rinse is applied to normal?

A. Coat cuticle layer

B. Coat medulla layer

C. Penetrate cuticle

D. Penetrate medulla

7. Why do you think is antiseptic applied to tweezed areas during arching?

A. To open pores

B. To eliminate pain

C. To avoid infection

D. To remove dead skin

8. Which instrument is used to slither client's hair?

A. Razor

B. Shears

C. Thinning Shears

D. Clippers

9. Why is it important to use conditioner-filler during chemical relaxer retouch service?

A. Coats and seals the relaxer into hair

B. Allows deeper penetration of relaxer int hair shaft

C. Help even the porosity

D. Increases neutralizing time

10. What type of manicure is the best to suit for dry cuticles and brittle nails?

A. Oil

B. Machine

C. Regular

D. Antiseptic

11. Where are nerves and blood vessels found in the nail?

A. Bed

B. Plate

C. Lunula

D. Cuticle


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