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Quiz: Which Type Of Student Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. After a long holiday, how would you like to start your term?

86461 Stresssing
86462 I have studied a lot
86463 Entering class late
86464 Pretending to be cool

2. Which word describes your personality?

86465 Smart
86466 Nerd
86467 Quirky
86468 Innovative

3. Which was your favorite time of school?

86469 When I can be a hero
86470 When the school ends
86471 When school starts
86472 When favorite teacher comes

4. Which one is your favorite subject?

86473 English
86474 Music
86475 Science
86476 All the subjects

5. Are you a punctual or an absentee?

86477 Absentee
86478 Punctual
86479 Kinda Both
86480 Depends

6. When do you start with your work if deadline is after 3 weeks?

86481 I might not do because I have questions
86482 I completed it
86483 As soon as I am done I help me friends with the same
86484 There's a lot of time

7. What is the first thing you do as soon as school ends?

86485 Gossiping About Teacher
86486 Directly going home
86487 Out with friends
86488 Talking to teacher

8. In a group project, what is your role?

86489 I am the only person working
86490 I work to impress teachers
86491 I don't work at all
86492 I am equal

9. Are you a friendly person?

86493 Not all all
86494 I just like to do talk about studies
86495 I am happy to be friends
86496 Of course

10. If you have a surprise test and party on the same day what will you do?

86497 Test of course
86498 I am a party person
86499 I can do both
86500 Depends
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