What Genshin Girl Are You Quiz

Questions : 12 | Total Attempts: 1228 | Recent Updated: 07-Jan-2022
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Ahoy ladies! Here is the quiz you were waiting for for so long. If you are an anime freak, you must be aware of how popular this Genshin Impact is. The character’s personality is everything about this show that makes it unique and entertaining. Genshin girls are actually well-deserving and come out as really strong characters. Do you wish to know which Genshin girl are you? Take the quiz and know by yourself :) We hope you enjoy this quiz as much we enjoy creating it for you guys :D

Questions Excerpt

1. If you are a TV fictional character, what single trait you would want in yourself?

A. Funny

B. Carefree

C. Genius

D. Annoying

2. If you are in jail, what most likely will be the reason?

A. Theft

B. Kidnapping

C. Murder

D. Arson

3. Do you like Kids?

A. I love them

B. I like kids but only from a distance

C. I hate them

D. I don’t know

4. What is your favorite color?

A. Blue

B. White

C. Yellow

D. Black

5. Which of the playstyle is your favorite?

A. Strategic

B. Peaceful

C. Adventure-oriented

D. Casual

6. What Genshin boy is your favorite?

A. Xiao

B. Kaeya

C. Childe

D. Venti

7. What is your favorite Genshin area?

A. Liyue

B. Inazuma

C. Mondstadt

D. Dragonspine

8. How do you like to travel?

A. Walking

B. Running

C. Wings

D. Fast travel

9. What type of man attracts you the most?

A. Kind

B. Confident

C. Orderly

D. Determined

10. Do you like taking orders?

A. Yes

B. No

C. It depends who the person is

D. I give orders

11. Choose a random word you feel attracted to?

A. Flavorful

B. Illusion

C. Cocoon

D. Disdain

12. What is your favorite genre in anime shows/movies?

A. Action

B. Drama

C. Horror

D. Comedy

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