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Nutrient Cycling Biogeochemical Cycle in Ecology Trivia Quiz

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The quantity of materials required for life such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, minerals, water, etc. are limited therefore there is a cyclic exchange of material between organisms and their non-living environment. The movement of material so living and non-living components of the biosphere are cal nutrient cycles/ biogeochemical cycles. Let's test your knowledge about Nutrient Cycling Biogeochemical Cycle in Ecology Quiz.

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1. The gain of nutrients in the ecosystem takes place through......

46354 Rainfall
46355 Dust fall
46356 Nitrogen fixation
46357 All of these

2. Which one of the following aspect of input of nutrients?

46358 Absorption
46359 Soil erosion
46360 Weathering
46361 Runoff water

3. Loss of nutrients takes place through......

46362 Soil erosion
46363 Denitrification
46364 Both of these
46365 None of these

4. Movement of nutrients between organisms and soil through the process of..........

46366 Absorption
46367 Assimilation
46368 Decomposition
46369 All of these

5. In all biogeochemical cycles, part of the cycle remains out of called.......

46370 Reservoir pool
46371 Swimming pool
46372 Cyclic pool
46373 None of these

6. In all biogeochemical cycles, content is used again and again it is called......

46374 Reservoir pool
46375 Swimming pool
46376 Cyclic pool
46377 All of these

7. How many types of the nutrient cycle?

46378 4
46379 6
46380 3
46381 2

8. In the gaseous nutrient cycle, most of the contents remain in......

46382 Gaining position
46383 Losing position
46384 Reservoir pool
46385 Cyclic pool

9. Which one of the following is the perfect nutrient cycle?

46386 Gaseous nutrient cycle
46387 Sedimentary nutrient cycle
46388 Both of these
46389 None of these

10. In sedimentary nutrient cycle mostly contents remain in.....and very slowly it enters to.........

46390 Gaining, losing of nutrient
46391 Cyclic pool, Reservoir pool
46392 Reservoir pool, cycling pool
46393 None of these
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