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Quiz: How Well Do You Know About Reliance Jio?

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Reliance Jio is an India telecommunications company and subsidiary of Reliance Industries. Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd is a mobile network operator in India. Reliance Jio offers the best 4G network in India with the lowest data rates & according to user feedback Reliance, Jio is the best network in India.

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1. When Reliance Jio was established?

83701 2015
83702 2016
83703 2017
83704 2018

2. Who is the founder of Reliance Jio?

83705 Neeta Ambani
83706 Dhirubhai Ambani
83707 Mukesh Ambani
83708 All of the above

3. Where is the headquarter of Reliance Jio?

83709 Delhi
83710 Mumbai
83711 Chandigarh
83712 Chennai

4. Who is the CEO of Reliance Jio?

83713 Pankaj udaya
83714 Abhishek mithle
83715 Sonu pandey
83716 Mukesh Ambani

5. How many users of Reliance Jio in India?

83717 387.5 million
83718 405.7 million
83719 385.3 million
83720 590.6 million

6. How much total net worth of Reliance Jio?

83721 188470 crore
83722 214750 crore
83723 187720 crore
83724 None of the above

7. How much total employee of Reliance Jio?

83725 20000 - 25000
83726 15000 - 20000
83727 30000 - 33000
83728 35000 - 40000

8. Who invented the Jio phone?

83729 Mukesh Ambani
83730 Jeff Bezos
83731 Ratan tata
83732 None of these

9. How much did Mukesh Ambani invest in Jio?

83733 $35 billion
83734 $25 billion
83735 $22 billion
83736 $15 billion
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