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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Biotic Factors of Ecosystem! Test Your Knowledge About Biotic Factors of Ecosystem

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These are the hands of an ecosystem. It includes producers, consumers, and decomposers. Producers are autotrophs which means they can synthesize their own food. Producers are doors that provide food, shelter, and oxygen to the consumers. Consumers are heterotrophs which means they feed on others. They obtain energy from producers directly or indirectly. Decomposers include microorganism which feeds on the dead and decaying body of other organisms. So take this quiz and increase your knowledge about biotic factors of the ecosystem.

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1. Which of the following are called transducers because they change light energy to chemical energy?

46074 Producers
46075 Consumers
46076 Decomposers
46077 Reducers

2. Which of the following are also known as phagotrophic?

46078 Producers
46079 Consumers
46080 Both of these
46081 None of these

3. Which of the following is an example of secondary consumers?

46082 Deer
46083 Cattle
46084 Rabbit
46085 Fox

4. Which one of the following is a saprotroph?

46086 Birds
46087 Wolf
46088 Bacteria
46089 Snake

5. The upper layer of soil is the place of decomposition and the organic remains are called.......

46090 Humus
46091 Organic matter
46092 Detritus
46093 All of these

6. Above ground, detritus consist of Dead remains of plants, animals and fecal matters and is also called......

46094 Litterfall
46095 Humus
46096 Both of these
46097 None of these

7. Sometimes nutrients get tied up with the Biomass of microbes and become unavailable to other organisms. They are available only after the death of the organism, it is called...

46098 Nutrient
46099 Nutrient immobilization
46100 Humus
46101 Litter

8. At which temperature decomposition process is maximum?

46102 10 degree Celsius
46103 20 degree Celsius
46104 25 degree Celsius
46105 15 degree celsius

9. When detritus is rich in lignin and chitin decomposition process is.....

46106 Fast
46107 Slow
46108 Medium
46109 None of these

10. Catabolism by bacteria and fungi continues until the formation of color substance, humus occurs called......

46110 Leaching
46111 Mineralization
46112 Huminification
46113 Nutrient immobilization
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