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How Long Will I Live Quiz

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The quality of one's life is uncertain, asses are fun. Do your daily choices affect your life or do you need to improve things that can change your life. You've got to learn how to control your life. According to medical science, it both entertains and sets serious goals. Don't wait too long to see how many more birthdays you've left. Take this fun test and explore the possibility of a longer life.

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1. How old are you?

49894 Below 16
49895 17-25
49896 26-35
49897 35+

2. How long do you exercise per day?

49898 30-45 minutes
49899 60 minutes
49900 More than 60 minutes
49901 10 minutes

3. Do you drink fizzy drinks?

49902 Yes
49903 No
49904 Rarely
49905 Often

4. How much do you weight?

49906 Normal
49907 Little overweight
49908 Underweight
49909 Don't remember the last time when I weighed myself

5. Do you drink alcohol?

49910 No
49911 Yes
49912 I am a social drinker
49913 I have one peg almost daily

6. Do you smoke?

49914 No
49915 Yes. Rarely
49916 I am a chain smoker
49917 Ocassionally

7. How much do you drink tea or coffee?

49918 One pot
49919 2 cups
49920 1 cups
49921 3+ cups

8. What do you do in free time?

49922 Play sports
49923 Watch TV
49924 Go for long drive
49925 Sleep

9. Do you have some health issue?

49926 Diabetis
49927 Blood Pressure
49928 Heart Problem
49929 Nothing

10. Do you have an active lifestyle?

49930 Yes. Indeed
49931 No. I'm lazy
49932 Somewhat
49933 What 'active' exactly mean?
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