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Quiz: Which Character From The Firefly Cast Are You?

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The series is set in the year 2015, after the arrival of humans in a new star system, and follows the adventures of the renegade crew of Serenity, a "Firefly-class" spaceship. A group of people fighting on the losing side of civil war and then making a living on the fringes of society as part of the culture of their star system. Want to know which firefly character are you? Take this amazing quiz to learn more.

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1. Which fictional land would you like to visit?

128146 Jurassic park
128147 Wonderland
128148 The Shire
128149 Gotham City

2. What would be your first rule of battle?

128150 Don’t let the enemy know where I am
128151 Hide and wait for the battle to end
128152 Try to avoid getting in the battle in the first place
128153 Kill my enemies with my brain

3. Which shindig would you want to attend?

128154 A Masquerade
128155 A Murder Mystery Party
128156 A Wine and cheese soiree
128157 Anything with an open bar

4. You inherit a Firefly-class transport ship. Who would you welcome aboard

128158 Only my close friends and family
128159 Folks who can pull their weight on board
128160 Anyone who can pay
128161 Everyone is welcome

5. Mercy is the mark of-

128162 A great man
128163 A forgiving man
128164 A passive man
128165 A broken man

6. Who are you on a team?

128166 The leader
128167 The comic
128168 The follower
128169 The tagalong

7. What is your best character trait?

128170 I’m funny
128171 I’m focused
128172 I’m kind
128173 I’m sweet

8. What is something people would say is annoying about you?

128174 I am always joking around
128175 My loyalty is not justified
128176 I always think rationally
128177 I probably should not be where I am

9. How do you handle conflict?

128178 I make a joke
128179 I fight
128180 I hide
128181 I fight when I have to

10. Are you a team player?

128182 If I have to be
128183 Yes
128184 I prefer to work alone
128185 When given the chances
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