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What Laptop Should I Buy Quiz

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Laptops are a complete package of technology, skills, and specifications. The choice of laptops differ not only from person to person but also differs from requirements to requirements of the users and also depends on ver the purpose of the laptop and budget also majority paly a great role in deciding the laptop choice. Thus while choosing the main factors are budget, use, purpose, specification, and requirements.

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1. Which operating system suits and comforts you the most?

17262 Windows
17263 Windows Chrome OS
17264 Apple
17265 Any

2. What is the main purpose of taking a laptop?

17266 College
17267 Office Work
17268 Coding
17269 Fun/Personal

3. What work can be most to be performed over that laptop?

17270 Presentations
17271 Gaming
17272 Coding/Decoding
17273 Social Media

4. How modified do you want your laptop?

17274 Fully modified
17275 Advance
17276 Moderate
17277 Normal

5. Will children will also using that laptop?

17278 Yes
17279 No
17280 Sometimes
17281 No kids

6. Would you be traveling with your laptop?

17282 Yes
17283 Not often
17284 No
17285 May be

7. Do you supervise already any laptop before?

17286 Yes
17287 No
17288 Not mine
17289 Not personal

8. What budget are you planning for your laptop?

17290 25k-35k
17291 35k-45k
17292 45k +
17293 Cheapest

9. How frequently would you be using your laptop?

17294 Daily
17295 Almost Always
17296 Weekly
17297 Not often

10. What are other devices or gadgets you are already using?

17298 Mobile
17299 Dekstop
17300 Tablet
17301 All
Let’s start the quiz

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