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Quiz: Which Award Would You Like to Receive?

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There are different types of people we meet and some actually become our friends and some might not. There are some certain friends that we trust a lot, some who are always there with us and some who are not actually worth our efforts. Have you ever thought about what type of friend you might be? What type of person are you like? Have you thought about which type of award you might receive? Are you the truthful one or are you the bad one? Try out this very interesting and amazing quiz to get an answer to the question Which award would you like to receive?

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1. What is your personality?

121472 Generous
121473 Calm
121474 Quirky
121475 Nebulios

2. What is your favorite color?

121476 Black
121477 Purple
121478 Yellow
121479 Orange

3. How often do you party?

121480 Often
121481 Very often
121482 Somewhat
121483 Rarely

4. How often people compliment you?

121484 Very Often
121485 Rarely
121486 Often
121487 Somewhat

5. Do you like to help your friends?

121488 Somewhat agree
121489 Agree
121490 Somewhat disagree
121491 Disagree

6. Choose your favorite food?

121492 Pizza
121493 Burger
121494 Fries
121495 Chicken

7. What type of person are you in a group?

121496 Loyal One
121497 The fun
121498 Supportive one
121499 Trustworthy one

8. How often do you talk to your friends?

121500 Often
121501 Rarely
121502 Somewhat
121503 Very Often

9. Where are you found at a party?

121504 Gossiping with my BFF
121505 Dancing
121506 At the bar
121507 Meeting new people

10. What is most important for you?

121508 Friends
121509 Music
121510 Food
121511 Sleep

11. How often people tell you their secrets?

121512 Often
121513 Very Often
121514 Somewhat
121515 Rarely

12. How often do you support your friends?

121516 Very often
121517 Often
121518 Somewhat
121519 Rarely
Let’s start the quiz

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