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Trivia Quiz On The Adrenal Gland! How Much You Know About Adrenal Gland?

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The adrenal gland is paired endocrine glands and it is located superior to the kidney. It is structurally and functionally divided into the adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla. It is also known as 4S gland. The 4S are source of energy, sex hormone, salt retaining and sugar metabolism. Let's take this ultimate trivia quiz on the adrenal gland and know more about it.

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1. Who discovered the adrenal glands?

20750 Eugen Stainak
20751 Antony van Leeuwenhoek
20752 William Harvey
20753 Batholemeus Eustachius

2. Which one is not the S of 4S gland?

20754 Source of energy
20755 Sex hormone
20756 Synthetic crop
20757 Salt retaining

3. Which hormone targets the tissues?

20758 Sex corticoids
20759 Insulin
20760 Glucocorticoids
20761 Mineralocorticoids

4. Which hormone affects the action of carbohydrate in the body?

20762 Sex corticoids
20763 Glucagon
20764 Glucacorticoids
20765 Insulin

5. Which organ is targeted by Mineralocorticoids hormone?

20766 Uterus
20767 Kidney
20768 Lungs
20769 Heart

6. Which hormone affects the external sex characters of a human being?

20770 Sex corticoids
20771 Oxytocin
20772 Prolactin
20773 Glucagon

7. Sex corticoids targets.....

20774 Kidney
20775 Mast cells
20776 Liver
20777 Body cells

8. Which hormone affects the heartbeat?

20778 Insulin
20779 Adrenaline and nor adrenaline
20780 Glucagon
20781 Oxytocin

9. Adrenaline and noradrenaline hormone affects the .....

20782 Contraction and relaxation of muscles
20783 Sodium and potassium metabolism
20784 External sex characters
20785 Carbohydrate

10. Which hormone affects the water absorption in the human body?

20786 Glucocorticoids
20787 Mineralocorticoids
20788 Insulin
20789 Prolactin
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