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How Much You Know About Microsoft Word Trivia Quiz

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Word processor is also known as Microsoft Word. A person can create a letter, resume, report and announcement. Microsoft word creates visually compelling documents and save time and simplify work. Different kinds of short keys are used in Microsoft Word. Let's test yourself with the Microsoft Word trivia quiz.

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1. The first version of Microsoft Word was developed by

11717 Charles Simonyi and Richard Brodie,
11718 Charles Babbage
11719 James Gosling
11720 Jan Koum

2. Which short key is used to select all contents of the page?

11721 Ctrl + L
11722 Ctr l+ A
11723 Ctrl + B
11724 Ctrl + C

3. Ctrl+B is used for which function?

11725 Copy selected text
11726 Open find box
11727 Insert Link
11728 Bold highlighted selection

4. Which short key is used for paste?

11729 Ctrl+Y
11730 Ctrl+U
11731 Ctrl+V
11732 Ctrl+W

5. Which key used for undo the last action?

11733 Ctrl+A
11734 Ctrl+B
11735 Ctrl+Z
11736 Ctrl+C

6. Ctrl+K is used for ...

11737 Insert link
11738 Cut selected text
11739 Open find box
11740 Indent the paragraph

7. Ctrl+F is used for...

11741 Copy selected text
11742 Paste
11743 Open find box
11744 Insert link

8. Which short key is used to redo the last action performed?

11745 Ctrl+A
11746 Ctrl+Y
11747 Ctrl+B
11748 Ctrl+C

9. Which bar displays the symbols for the common operation like open, print, save, etc?

11749 Ruler
11750 Work space
11751 Formatting Tool Bar
11752 Standard Tool Bar

10. Which Bar show your current position as for the tet goes?

11753 Status Bar
11754 Drawing Tool Bar
11755 Standard Tool Bar
11756 Formatting Tool Bar
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