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Which Linux Distro Should I Use Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Rate yourself about your picky and choosy nature?

140955 Always want it my way
140956 Work over Controlling things to last detail
140957 Spoiled bratt
140958 Hard to please

2. How much handy are you about your technical skills and gadgets?

140959 Expertise
140960 Proficient
140961 Learner
140962 Not at all good with technology

3. How much updated you are with the versions and technology in the IT domain?

140963 30%
140964 50%
140965 80%
140966 100%

4. What is your primary goal of using a laptop/desktop?

140967 Programming/coding
140968 Movies/Music
140969 Video Games
140970 All of the above

5. If we talk about your daily schedule or work timing, then how much work do you prefer to do?

140971 Hate to work
140972 Balanced work
140973 Work is all in your life
140974 Working is only a need

6. How about rating yourself for being a media junkie?

140975 Rare out of bore
140976 Snobber of Music/Movie
140977 Selected with the utilization of the media
140978 No Idea

7. If we talk about your artistic quality then what are your views for the same?

140979 Not at all creative
140980 Like broad Canvas
140981 Customized creativity
140982 Does sleeping count

8. What will be your views about your patience level while using technology and gadgets?

140983 Easy Button only
140984 Reasonably minimum patience
140985 Don't need challenge or waiting time
140986 Perfect with the chance of patience

9. What is your level of interest in respect to playing games?

140987 Addicted
140988 Play when bored
140989 Not at all interested
140990 When new games are released

10. Are you an expert programmer or one who knows well how to involve coding?

140991 Programming is your strength
140992 Coding is your shelter
140993 When it is mandate
140994 Oh Alas! what's this programming
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