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How Well You Know About Internet Trivia Quiz

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The Internet is a network of computers connected to each other, which is spread all over the world. Which connects any computer in the world through a router and a server. In other words, the connection established between two computers through TCP / IP Protocol is called the internet for sharing information. The Internet is the largest network in the world. Internet is an English word which is derived from another English word "Internetworked". The meaning of the Internet in Hindi is "Antarajal". Internet is a network of thousands of computers, it can be called as Internet in Hindi or "Mahajal" in common language. Let's know much more about The Internet which connects many computers in the world.

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1. Who is the founder of the World Wide Web (WWW)?

70462 Tim Berners-Lee
70463 Robert Cailliau
70464 Both of the above
70465 None of these

2. Through which are WWW resources transferred?

70466 Hypertext Transfer Protocol
70467 Software Application
70468 Web Browser
70469 Web Server

3. When was the World Wide Web invented by English scientist?

70470 In 1889
70471 In 1989
70472 In 1990
70473 In 1995

4. (HTML) tends to what?

70474 Hypertext Mackup Language
70475 Hypertext Markup Language
70476 Hypertext Moveup Language
70477 None of these

5. On 6 August ------------- Berners-Lee published a short summary of the World Wide Web project on the newsgroup alt.hypertext.

70478 August 1989
70479 August 1990
70480 August 1991
70481 August 1992

6. Which is the World Wide Web?

70482 A computer game
70483 A software program
70484 The part of the Internet that enables information-sharing via interconnected pages
70485 Another name for the Internet

7. Which of the following best describe the Internet?

70486 A network of interlinked computers
70487 An information network
70488 A communications network
70489 All of the above

8. When was the first Internet network started?

70490 01 January 1983
70491 01 January 1985
70492 01 January 1988
70493 01 January 1989

9. Who writes the rules for the Internet?

70494 Susan P. Crawford
70495 Stephen Goldsmith
70496 Jane Waller
70497 Lenora Worth

10. What does URL stand for and what is it used for?

70498 Uniform Resource Locator
70499 Uniform Resource Identifier
70500 Computer Hope website
70501 None of these
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