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Quiz: What Religion Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. How would you characterize God?

40019 God is anything
40020 There are different Gods and Goddesses
40021 There is no God
40022 I don't have an idea for God existence

2. Characterize existence in the wake of death:

40023 We are resurrected until we arrive at illumination
40024 In the following life, I will be with God in heaven
40025 Rebirth except if you accomplish a state where you are free of the cycle of birth and passing, bliss and torment...
40026 Possibly there is one, perhaps there isn't

3. What is the purpose of our reality?

40027 To serve the unparalleled genuine God
40028 To accomplish a higher reality
40029 I don't have a clue
40030 To appreciate life

4. How exacting should the guidelines of your religion be?

40031 Strict
40032 Severe
40033 Kinda exacting
40034 I don't know

5. How was the universe made?

40035 Enormous detonation
40036 Most likely in the manner researchers reveal to us it occurred
40037 There is no beginning
40038 A blend among development and creation

6. Which religious object most intrigues you?

40039 Art
40040 Flags
40041 Flowers
40042 A rug

7. Which of these sounds define “God”:

40043 A higher power
40044 The divine
40045 An Ethiopian error
40046 None of the above

8. Which of these holiday celebrations sounds best?

40047 An ancient new year celebration
40048 Music, dancing, and singing
40049 Celebrating with no rituals and traditions
40050 Getting presents

9. Why there is suffering and pain in the world?

40051 It’s a divine test
40052 Because of desire
40053 Because of harmful human actions
40054 I don’t know

10. How would you pray?

40055 With Yoga
40056 Preferably with singing
40057 Chanting ancient mantras
40058 With dance
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