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Test Your Knowledge about Chabahar Port Issue-2019 Trivia Quiz

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Chabahar is a city in Sistan and Balochistan provinces in Iran. It is a free port and is located along the Gulf of Oman. It is the southernmost city in Iran. This port will be used to transport crude oil and urea. This will save a lot in India's transportation costs. India intends to lease two docks at Chabahar for ten years. The port will be developed through a special unit (SPV) which will invest million's $ to convert the dock container terminal and a multipurpose cargo terminal. Under this project, India not only has to set up shuttles but also has to set up other industrial units in the adjacent area. Developing the Chabahar port will help India expand its reach to Afghanistan and Central Asia. Let's take an awesome trivia quiz about Chabahar Port-issue 2019.

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1. How many million dollars will India invest in Chabahar port to lease two docks for ten years?

50826 6.52 million dollars
50827 7.52 million dollars
50828 8.52 million dollars
50829 9.52 million dollars

2. How many billion dollars has India signed to start the project to develop Chabahar port?

50830 10 million dollars
50831 15 million dollars
50832 20 million dollars
50833 25 million dollars

3. In which year has India signed to start the Chabahar Port Development Project?

50834 In 2014
50835 In 2015
50836 In 2016
50837 In 2017

4. India's Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar met Iranian Foreign Minister __________ during the 19th India-Iran Joint Commission meeting.

50838 Javed Zarif
50839 Mahmud Zarif
50840 Nawab Zarif
50841 None of these

5. Official sources in the US said that what has been provided to India to develop the Chabahar port?

50842 Narrow Exemption
50843 Money support
50844 Political support
50845 Military support

6. The OIC Secretariat in Jeddah is headed by ____________ and the United Arab Emirates.

50846 Iraq
50847 Afghanistan
50848 Pakistan
50849 Saudi Arabia

7. Chabahar located in southeastern Iran, on the...

50850 Arabian Sea
50851 Gulf of Oman
50852 Indo Arabian Sea
50853 None of these

8. Who is the Director-General Chabahar port?

50854 Ali Khamenei
50855 Behrouz Aghayi
50856 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
50857 Ali Larijani

9. How much Berths Available in Chabahar port?

50858 20 Berths
50859 15 Berths
50860 10 Berths
50861 05 Berths

10. Chabahar route will result in how much Present reduction in shipment costs of India?

50862 22 Present
50863 50 Present
50864 60 Present
50865 70 Present

11. Chabahar route will reduce how many presents in shipment time from India to Central Asia?

50866 10% reduction in shipment time
50867 20% reduction in shipment time
50868 40% reduction in shipment time
50869 50% reduction in shipment time

12. Who is the current President of Iran?

50870 Hassan Rouhani
50871 Ruhollah Khomeini
50872 Ebrahim Raisi
50873 Mohammad Khatami
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