Am I a Codependent Quiz

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
The circular relationship shared between one person and another person, where one needs another and vice versa is known to be Codependency. Basically, a codependent person is known as a "giver", they also feel worthless unless needed. They are famous for making sacrifices and contributing most to the relationship. Though, one person is controlling and manipulative, and the other person is compliant and fails to assert his or her own will.

Questions Excerpt

1. Where among the following would you prefer to go?

A. Mountains

B. Beach

C. Natural Areas

D. Any place would work

2. Which time would you select to go anywhere?

A. Spring

B. Early Morning

C. Night

D. Evening

3. What sort of outfit would you prefer while going out?

A. Pyjamas

B. Ethnic

C. Western

D. Indo western

4. When you are moving out, who mostly drives?

A. Driver

B. Myself

C. Friend

D. Anyone who is willing to drive

5. At dinner what would you prefer to eat when going out with your friends?

A. Whatever they choose for themselves

B. Depends on mood

C. Anything offered by anyone

D. Try something new

6. Among the following animals with whom your personality is identical?

A. Sheep

B. Dog

C. Beaver

D. Bird

7. You plan a day with your friends but they already had planned something else, what will you do then?

A. Would go out alone

B. Ask an acquaintance

C. Try to mix both plan

D. Will drop own plan

8. In your relationship, what would you say about your partner?

A. Source of happiness and motivation

B. Secret Holder

C. Best Friend

D. Crime Partner

9. When you meet up with friends, what do mostly you prefer to talk about?

A. Personal Life

B. Gossip about others

C. Common interest topic

D. Problems

10. When are completely free and do not have any specific set plan for your day what would you prefer to do?

A. Connect with friends over call

B. Order favourite food and spend day watching TV

C. Be home in own space for long day

D. Plann a meet with friends

11. Among the following which is perfect to describe your dating style?

A. Casual dating

B. Long Tenure relationship

C. Building new relationship

D. Lonely animal

12. What is the best description for your relationship bond with your friends?

A. Meet and talk on daily basis

B. Stay in touch occasionally

C. Do all our errands and socializing

D. Number of online friends

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