Quiz: Do You Have a Fear of Rejection?

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Fear of rejection is afraid of not being liked, abandoned, not fitting in, or being alone. People who have a fear of rejection struggle a lot with self-esteem, lack of confidence, shame, and guilt and also spend sufficient time and energy worrying about what others think about them. Rejection could cause anyone a feel slew of emotions, ranging from confusion to sadness and then to rage. People mostly don't understand precisely the reason for being rejected, which leads to a downward spiral of negative introspection and an overall sense of not feeling “good enough” past experiences with rejection play a vital role in this era and also more significantly the level of anxiety or who struggle with feelings of loneliness, depression, self-criticism, and poor self-esteem may also be more susceptible.

Questions Excerpt

1. What would you do if you are rejected multiple times for anything?

A. Work more hard for selection

B. Get Demotivated

C. Try to work smartly

D. Try to find reason for rejection

2. How do you consider rejection?

A. Challenge

B. Universal truth

C. Demotivation

D. Affects confidence

3. Are you able to handle self-criticism easily?

A. Yes well capable to handle it

B. Get depressed by criticizers

C. Improves personality

D. Lower down confidence

4. How do you treat disagreements?

A. Avoid all time

B. Take proper participation

C. Avoid when not related to me

D. Makes me anxious

5. How do you feel while giving job interviews?

A. Get Anxious

B. Highly Nervous

C. Confident

D. Get nervous but overcome it quickly

6. Are you able to make new friends easily?

A. Yes

B. Only if the person share same interests

C. Hardly able to interact with strangers

D. Not at all

7. Do you think rejection can lower confidence and success?

A. Yes it do affects confidence

B. Rejection is universal truth, should not let it affect our thoughts

C. Nothing can lower my confidence

D. Rejected several time but let not affect my confidence

8. Do you feel afraid of the fact that people may talk negatively about your rejection?

A. No feel aggressive about it

B. Have rough feel about it

C. Engineer- find reason for rejection

D. Yes get limited by fear of rejection

9. Have you ever been rejected?

A. Yes but never affected me

B. Once but those thoughts still haunts me

C. Never got rejected

D. I am perfect

10. Do you feel that you are judged by anyone when you are outside?

A. Mostly get uncomfortable at public place

B. Only when people stare at me

C. Only when people gossip at my back

D. Never

11. Do you face issues while speaking in public?

A. Yes

B. Initially only

C. Never delivered speech

D. Never faced any issues

12. Do you get uncomfortable while talking with strangers?

A. Yes always

B. Sometimes

C. Not at all

D. Never paid much attention about it


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