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Solid Trivia Quiz! How Much You Know About Solid States Of Matter?

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Solids are chemical substances that are divided on the basis of certain size, volume, high density, etc. In solids, atoms, molecules or ions are very close in size and density. Hence they cannot be easily suppressed ie they have high density. Solid-state is the most stable of the three states of matter. They have negligible properties of compressiveness, that is, they are not easily suppressed when they are pressed or it is not easy to change their volume and size by pressure. The intermolecular force is found to be very high in solids, that is, their particles are near and bound by high intermolecular force. Let's check yourself & take this ultimate solid quiz test.

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1. If the molecules in a substance are arranged in a tight, patterned kind of way, the matter must be in which state?

38543 Evaporation
38544 Liquid
38545 Gas
38546 Solid

2. The atoms in a diamond are arranged in a tight network. This makes them a very hard__________.

38547 Form of the element oxygen & liquid
38548 Form of the element graphite & solid
38549 Form of the element carbon & solid
38550 All of the above

3. Which is the term used to describe the phase change as a liquid becomes a solid?

38551 Burning
38552 Freezing
38553 Face change
38554 None of these

4. Amorphous solids is_______________.

38555 Flexible at higher temperatures
38556 Include glasses
38557 Do not have specific melting points
38558 All of the above

5. Which is generally the densest state of matter?

38559 Liquid
38560 Gas
38561 Solid
38562 None

6. In a face-centered cubic lattice, a unit cell is shared equally by how many unit cells?

38563 08 unit cells
38564 10 unit cells
38565 06 unit cells
38566 14 unit cells

7. Which of the following is the common name for the solid-state of water?

38567 Rain
38568 Steam
38569 Ice
38570 Liquid

8. In which of the following three states of matter are the particles the closest together?

38571 Solid
38572 Liquid
38573 Gas
38574 All of above

9. The fraction of total volume occupied by the atoms present in a simple cube is..

38575 π /4
38576 π /2
38577 π /6
38578 π /3

10. The appearance of color in solid alkali metal halides is generally due to.

38579 F-centes
38580 Schottky defect
38581 Frenkel defect
38582 All of above

11. Solid discover by whom?

38583 Philosopher Romo
38584 Philosopher Cuto
38585 Philosopher Plato
38586 None of the above

12. In ______________, particles are closely packed.

38587 Gas
38588 Solid
38589 Liquid
38590 All of above
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