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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Elasticity In Physics

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The property of a material by virtue of which it resists strain when deforming forces are applied on it and recovers from strain when deforming forces, are removed, is called elasticity of that material. So take this quiz and know more about the general properties of matter and elasticity.

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1. Who discovered the law of elasticity?

23238 Newton
23239 J. Neepse
23240 Archemedes
23241 Robert Hooke

2. If the body regains its original shape and size completely after the removal of deforming forces then the body is said to be ......

23242 Stress
23243 Perfectly elastic
23244 Restoring force
23245 Strain

3. If the body does not recover its original shape and size, the body is said to be ......

23246 Perfectly elastic
23247 Stress
23248 Perfectly plastic
23249 Strain

4. The restoring force set up inside the body per unit area is known as .....

23250 Restoring force
23251 Strain
23252 Stress
23253 Perfect plastic

5. What is the SI unit of stress?

23254 Meter
23255 Kilogram
23256 N/m2
23257 Newton

6. When the stress is applied normal to a surface, then it is known as ....

23258 Perfectly stress
23259 Normal stress
23260 Shearing stress
23261 None of these

7. If the change in length occurs, the strain is called....

23262 Longitudinal strain
23263 Volumentric strain
23264 Shearing strain
23265 None of these

8. If the change in shape occurs, the strain is called......

23266 Volumentric strain
23267 Shearing strain
23268 Both of them
23269 None of them
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