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Which Jeans Are Perfect For You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What do you prefer to comfort or fashion?

84477 Fashion is always a top priority
84478 Both works for me
84479 I like fashion with comfort
84480 I am kinda simple

2. What is the best part of your leg?

84481 Calves
84482 Thighs
84483 Ankle
84484 Umm not sure

3. If you find your jeans are ripped, what will you do?

84485 I'll not use it again
84486 I'd sew them up
84487 I'll try to add some pattern to it
84488 It will add a fashion

4. Where do you wear jeans most preferably?

84489 Only a few places
84490 Depending on where I have to go
84491 Generally workplace
84492 Everywhere i go

5. What type of shoes will you wear in jeans?

84493 Heels
84494 Sneakers
84495 Anything that matches my style
84496 Boots

6. Which shade of denim do you like?

84497 Black
84498 Any dark colours
84499 I like simple colours
84500 Medium

7. What do you like to wear on top of jeans?

84501 Crop Tops
84502 Large Size Tops
84503 A simple T shirt
84504 Long shirts

8. Do you like to buy jeans from the mall or market?

84505 I can prefer anything
84506 I like to go to markets
84507 I like malls more
84508 Where I find the best

9. Are you a morning person or a night person?

84509 A morning person
84510 A night person
84511 I am kinda both
84512 Whatever my mood is

10. Do you prefer a pocket in your jeans?

84513 If it looks fashionable, then yes
84514 It works for me anyway
84515 Yes, they are a must
84516 No, they are not necessary
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