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How Trendy Were You Last Year Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How many times did you go shopping last year?

88674 Once in a year
88675 Every month
88676 Everyday
88677 I don’t like shopping

2. How do you describe your style?

88678 I don’t have any style
88679 I have a trendy collection
88680 I style according to the occasion
88681 I like to dress in comfort wear

3. How often do you change your hairstyle?

88686 Once in a year
88687 Change it every year
88688 Change it every month
88689 Change it with every season

4. What’s your color choice for summers and winters?

88690 Depends on stuff I have
88691 Dark for winters and bright for summers
88692 Does it make a difference?
88693 Pastel shades for all time

5. How many friends have you made in the last year?

88698 No new friends
88699 Few on social media
88700 I make friends everywhere I go!
88701 I believe in keeping few but quality friends

6. Did you watch the last year Paris fashion week show on FTV?

88702 I don’t like to watch those skinny models
88703 Yes I watched the whole event
88704 I saw a few shows from my favorite designer
88705 What’s that?

7. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram other social sites; which one do you like?

88706 Instagram
88707 Snapchat
88708 Facebook
88709 Twitter

8. Most of the time people describe you as…

88714 An Intellectual
88715 Stylish
88716 Friendly
88717 Rude

9. Have you ever wanted to go for plastic surgery?

88718 Nope
88719 Long back when I was a kid
88720 Yes, I want to modify my face
88721 I don’t like my nose, so I want a nose job

10. What’s your idea of makeup?

88722 Some touch up that’s it!
88723 To complement the look to the occasion
88724 I am experimental about it!
88725 Blush, mascara, eyeshadow, and Lip
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