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Who Is Your Project Runway Personality Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which host of Project Runway do you like the most?

84517 I like everyone equally
84518 Heidi klum
84519 Host is not the focus the focus is fashion
84520 I don't like anyone

2. When you are about to do fitting a model, you get a piece of news that the model is ill! What will you do?

84521 Freak out
84522 Might make out a sarcastic sense
84523 I'll figure out
84524 I'll remain calm and might find a solution

3. Which type of role do you like to play in the house?

84525 DIva
84526 Sweetheart
84527 Hot Mess
84528 Favorite of judges

4. Which type of skirt will you consider to be short?

84529 Just above the knee
84530 I rarely design skirts
84531 There's no such thing as short skirt
84532 Depends on style

5. How can you send a model to the runway?

84533 Messy Hemline
84534 A too short skirt
84535 Unfinished Piece
84536 These all are too dreadful

6. If your one of the fellow designers needs help in a dress at the end moment, will you help them?

84537 Yes, ofcourse
84538 I don't want any other designer's design to be best
84539 Might help them
84540 I'll help as much as I can

7. Which fabric of Mood Fabric Store will you avoid the most?

84541 Silk
84542 Velvet
84543 Chiffon
84544 I can work with all of these

8. How often would you like to buy fabric from moods?

84545 Regularly
84546 Quite Often
84547 Few a times
84548 Never

9. If for a team challenge you are paired with someone you don't like what will you do?

84549 Deny to work
84550 Might try to work
84551 Can't work if they are rude
84552 I'd bicker constantly to them

10. Are you a regular social media savvy?

84553 I've done study in social media
84554 I don't like social media
84555 I've hired someone to solve that
84556 I am helpless
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