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Which Bag Is Perfect For You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What do you need to carry mostly in your bag?

84597 Laptop
84598 Phones and lunch
84599 Make up
84600 Some makeup, phone, lunches

2. What is your office bag like?

84601 Fashionista
84602 A necessity
84603 Practical and comfortable
84604 Keeps my life organized

3. Do you carry your lunch daily to the office?

84605 Never
84606 Always
84607 Often
84608 Quite a few times

4. Do you use public transport for conveyance?

84609 No, I have my own vehicle
84610 I am both kinda
84611 More in public
84612 Public transport

5. Do you carry a laptop or tablet on a daily basis?

84613 Yes,
84614 Quite Often
84615 Not much
84616 Not at all

6. Do you carry your daily planner with you always?

84617 Most days
84618 Very few days
84619 Always
84620 Not at all

7. How might your friends describe your bags collection?

84621 Adorable
84622 Simple
84623 Fashionista
84624 Dream

8. Which word suits you a lot?

84625 Practical
84626 Weirdo
84627 Workaholic
84628 Real

9. Which quote defines you the best?

84629 Fashionista living in her dream
84630 A girl with practical dreams
84631 Do the best until you know better opportunities
84632 Be limitless

10. What is your philosophy of life?

84633 Always be positive in a situation
84634 Realizing things doesn't mean you need to regret
84635 Difficulties vanish when faced broadly
84636 Things turn out best for people who make best way of things
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