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Quiz: Which Fashion Designer Are You Most Like?

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Questions & Options

1. Which celebrity you would pick to dress?

84557 Lady Gaga
84558 Rihanna
84559 Kayne West
84560 Brie Larson

2. What would you say about your aesthetic?

84561 Modern and put together
84562 Simple yet expensive
84563 Comfortable and casual
84564 Elegant and detailed

3. Which accessories do you like to wear with your outfit?

84565 Sneakers
84566 Matching Headpiece
84567 Heels
84568 Earrings

4. Which of these are you most likely to wear?

84569 Skirt and Shirt
84570 Gown
84571 A garment that can be anything you want it to be
84572 Sweatshirt and Jeans

5. Do you like to experiment with your style?

84573 No, I am good with mine
84574 Why not?
84575 Somewhat yes
84576 Quite a few times

6. How will people describe your fashion sense?

84577 Aesthetic
84578 Fabulous
84579 A dream
84580 Commendable

7. Which place inspires you a lot?

84581 Oceans
84582 Mountains
84583 Desert
84584 Tokyo

8. What will you do if your outfit towns?

84585 Will design a new outfit
84586 Will make something from it only
84587 Don't know might become helpless
84588 Take help from others

9. Which of the following are you most likely to collaborate with?

84589 Jamie Reid- Punk anarchist
84590 MAC- Make up brand
84591 Jimmy Choo- shoe brand
84592 Julia Coerner- Architect

10. How do you filter your photos?

84593 Filter suiting style
84594 Filter boosting saturation
84595 Black and white
84596 No filter
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