Quiz: Which Fashion Designer Are You Most Like?

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You must have seen a lot of fashion designers? You must have adored their fashion sense and wondered if you can ever copy their style or look fashionable like them. Well, you can also be like them once in your life if you have a great sense of fashion. You can also be fashionable just like them and kill it in your sassy look. Do you really wanna know which fashion designer you are most like? Then you should try this quiz and you might get an answer to the question Which Fashion Designer You Are Most Like?

Questions Excerpt

1. Which celebrity you would pick to dress?

A. Lady Gaga

B. Rihanna

C. Kayne West

D. Brie Larson

2. What would you say about your aesthetic?

A. Modern and put together

B. Simple yet expensive

C. Comfortable and casual

D. Elegant and detailed

3. Which accessories do you like to wear with your outfit?

A. Sneakers

B. Matching Headpiece

C. Heels

D. Earrings

4. Which of these are you most likely to wear?

A. Skirt and Shirt

B. Gown

C. A garment that can be anything you want it to be

D. Sweatshirt and Jeans

5. Do you like to experiment with your style?

A. No, I am good with mine

B. Why not?

C. Somewhat yes

D. Quite a few times

6. How will people describe your fashion sense?

A. Aesthetic

B. Fabulous

C. A dream

D. Commendable

7. Which place inspires you a lot?

A. Oceans

B. Mountains

C. Desert

D. Tokyo

8. What will you do if your outfit towns?

A. Will design a new outfit

B. Will make something from it only

C. Don't know might become helpless

D. Take help from others

9. Which of the following are you most likely to collaborate with?

A. Jamie Reid- Punk anarchist

B. MAC- Make up brand

C. Jimmy Choo- shoe brand

D. Julia Coerner- Architect

10. How do you filter your photos?

A. Filter suiting style

B. Filter boosting saturation

C. Black and white

D. No filter


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