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Quiz: What Should I Be For Halloween?

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Questions & Options

1. What is Halloween to you?

55450 Having fun with friends
55451 I do not know
55452 Fashion and glamour
55453 Drinking and dancing

2. How do you celebrate Halloween?

55454 Drinking and shouting
55455 Watching scary movies
55456 Playing historical characters
55457 Visiting haunted homes and castles

3. What do you plan to be this Halloween?

55458 A skeleton
55459 A ferocious lion
55460 A zombie
55461 A vampire

4. How long have you been celebrating Halloween?

55462 10 years
55463 5 years
55464 Since last year
55465 This is my first Halloween

5. Do you like Halloween inspired food?

55466 Yes, I do
55467 No, I do not
55468 Food does not inspire me
55469 I do not attend Halloween parties

6. With whom do you like to celebrate Halloween with?

55470 With my family and relatives
55471 With my friends
55472 With my girlfriend
55473 With no one

7. How many times have you celebrated Halloween?

55474 I have celebrated several times
55475 Couple of times
55476 On a few occasions
55477 I have never celebrated Halloween yet

8. What do you intend to convey through Halloween?

55478 We must stay united
55479 We must have give and take attitude
55480 No, I do not want to convey anything
55481 We must be selfish and possessive

9. Is Halloween celebrated in your country?

55482 Yes, it is
55483 No, it is not
55484 Rather occasionally
55485 I do not know anything about this

10. What is bad about Halloween?

55486 It encourages hooliganism
55487 It is worth not celebrating
55488 There is nothing bad about it
55489 I do not know what to say
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