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World Day Against Child Labour Trivia Quiz

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The International Labour Organisation,” the world day against child labour” was launched on Friday 12,2002 to spread the awareness and activities to prevent child labour. This organisation intend to Foster the worldwide movement against child labour is it in the form of exploitation or any other form. Every year this organisation brings one theme for the child-related issues. According to ILO's data, millions of girls and boys throughout the world are involved in work depriving them of receiving an education, health, leisure and basic freedoms, violating their rights in one or another form. Of these children, more than half are exposed to the atrocious forms of child labour. So play this quiz and know about the world day against child labour day.

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1. The world day against child labor is celebrated on which day?

97163 12 June
97164 29 July
97165 24 April
97166 1 May

2. In which year the world day against child labor was launched?

97167 2010
97168 2011
97169 2002
97170 2004

3. Which body regulates the world's day against child labor Organisation?

97171 UN
97172 UK
97173 US
97174 All the countries

4. The liturgical color of this organization is...

97175 Red
97176 Blue
97177 Black
97178 Green

5. What was the 2019 theme for the world day against child Labour day?

97179 Generation safe and healthy
97180 In conflicts and disaster protect children from child labor
97181 Children shouldn’t work on fields but on dreams
97182 Let the stars shine bright

6. According to the UN, how many children are indulged in child labor?

97183 200 million
97184 152 million
97185 400 million
97186 300 million

7. According to the UN how many children under child labor are indulged in hazardous work?

97187 65 million
97188 37 million
97189 72 million
97190 54 million

8. Name the organization which launched World day against child labor?

97191 UNESCO
97192 WHO
97193 Australian research Alliance for children and youth
97194 International Labor Organisation

9. On which Day the world day against child labor was launched?

97195 Sunday
97196 Friday
97197 Wednesday
97198 Thursday

10. What was the 2018 theme for the world day against child labor day?

97199 Let the stars shine bright
97200 Children shouldn’t work on fields but on dreams
97201 Generation safe and healthy
97202 In conflicts and disaster protect children from child labor
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