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New Year Facts Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

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New Year, after New Year's Eve, is called New year & the morning or it can also be called the first day of the year. There is only one thing about twisting. On this day people leave their homes to party, eat, dance and meet each other. And this cycle continues till 12 o'clock at night i.e. the beginning of the new year. A lot of shows, events, awards, and parties are held all over India. Celebrities and personalities big and small enjoy these parties. Many discos and pubs organize big singers, DJs or local talents to spend the night with their music and songs.

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1. In which island country does the new year celebrate first?

51282 Tonga
51283 Samoa
51284 Kiribati
51285 All of the above

2. Which country does the new year come after Island Country?

51286 New Zealand
51287 Australia
51288 Japan
51289 All of the above

3. Which country is celebrated New Year last?

51290 Bakers Island
51291 United States
51292 Dubai
51293 India

4. New year is the first day of the ___________ year.

51294 Gregorian
51295 Georgian
51296 Christian
51297 Russian

5. New year Observed by the which calendar?

51298 Hindu calendar
51299 Gregorian calendar
51300 Both of the above
51301 None of these

6. New Year's Day liturgically marked the Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of...

51302 Jesus
51303 Buddh
51304 Mercury
51305 Young

7. The Roman Catholic Church celebrates on this day the Solemnity of Mary the...

51306 Grandmother of God
51307 Mother of God
51308 Sister of God
51309 Daughter of God

8. Korean New Year is celebrated on the first day of the...

51310 Solar calendar
51311 Lunar calendar
51312 Both of the above
51313 None of these

9. The first day of the lunar calendar is called...

51314 Seollal
51315 Chuseok
51316 Yunnori
51317 All of the above

10. The first day of the lunar calendar is just regarded as a ____________ day.

51318 Fighting
51319 Relaxing
51320 Thanksgiving
51321 None of these

11. Which Church celebrates the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ on January 1?

51322 Anglican Church
51323 Lutheran Church
51324 Both of the above
51325 None of these

12. On new year most people take...

51326 Take liquor
51327 Take resolution
51328 Take money
51329 Get married
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