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Transportation In Animals Quiz Question And Answer For 7th Grade Students

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"Transportation in animals" is one of the important chapters of science, because it helps you to know the basic principles of transportation in animals. It is a process in which the transport of water and nutrients required for all metabolic activities into the body of animals is called transport in animals. All organisms require water, food, minerals, oxygen to be transported to different parts of the body, which transport through the circulatory system in which blood, blood vessels, and heart have the main role, to transport substances to animals, it have different organs and processes for transporting substances. So let's start this quiz and collect some important questions on Transportation In Animals.

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1. Absorption of nutrients occurs in the exchange of respiratory gases between the blood and tissues .............

113711 Veins
113712 Arteries
113713 Heart
113714 Capillaries

2. Aquatic animals excrete their wastes in gaseous form as ...

113715 Oxygen
113716 Hydrogen
113717 Ammonia
113718 Nitrogen

3. What is the name of the fluid part of blood?

113719 Urea
113720 Plasma
113721 Arteries
113722 Red Blood cell

4. What is the name of two types of blood vessels?

113723 Capillaries And Veins
113724 Arteries And Veins
113725 Both of these
113726 None of these

5. Choose the waste products formed in body.

113727 Urea
113728 Blood
113729 Plasma
113730 Oxygen

6. Kidney eliminates waste material in liquid form which is called ....

113731 Urine
113732 Hydrogen
113733 Ammonia
113734 None of these

7. The .................... from the heart is transported to all parts of the body by the arteries.

113735 Blood
113736 Water
113737 Urea
113738 Urine

8. .................... is present in red blood cells.

113739 Hydrogen
113740 Haemorrhoids
113741 Hemoglobin
113742 All of the above

9. Arteries and .............. are joined by a network of capillaries.

113743 Veins
113744 Blood
113745 Vena cava
113746 None of these

10. Sweat contains............. and salt.

113747 Blood
113748 Water
113749 Minerals
113750 None of these

11. How many components of blood?

113751 Zero
113752 Seven
113753 Five
113754 Three

12. Pumping of the heart is an .....

113755 Voluntary action
113756 Involuntary action
113757 Both of these
113758 None of thse

13. ............... vein that collect blood rich in carbon dioxide from all the parts of the body.

113759 Femoral vein
113760 Cephalic
113761 Vena cava
113762 Subclavian

14. The contraction and .............. of the heart is called the Heartbeat.

113763 Reaction
113764 Responding
113765 Relaxation
113766 None of these
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