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Dad and The Cat and the Tree Poem for 7th Grade Student Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Where did the father find the ladder?

143679 On his bed
143680 Their Car
143681 Gate
143682 Garden Shed

2. Who was stuck on the tree?

143687 Father
143688 Dog
143689 Cat
143690 Son

3. By the end of the novel, who got stuck on the tree?

143699 Cat
143700 Father
143701 Son
143702 All of the above

4. Who made Plan B?

143715 Father
143716 Cat
143717 Son
143718 None of them

5. How many times does the narrator of the father try to climb the tree?

143727 7
143728 2
143729 4
143730 3

6. Why was Dad sure he wouldn’t fall?

143739 Because the tree is not so tall
143740 Because he is tall
143741 Because he is a good climber
143742 Because he was already prepared

7. Which phrase in the poem expresses Dad’s Self-confidence best?

143743 Honesty is the best policy
143744 Easy as winking to a climber like me
143745 Those who try never lose
143746 Choose peace and happiness

8. What was the cat's reaction after coming down the tree?

143747 Smiling and smirking
143748 Angry and smiling
143749 Schocked and Terrified
143750 Sad and Confused

9. State an adjective used to describe the tree?

143751 Enormous
143752 Straight
143753 Tall
143754 Wobbly

10. What happens after the poet’s father falls off the ladder?

143755 He gives up.
143756 He gets up and goes to take rest.
143757 He gets up and plans for other trick
143758 He starts crying

11. What does mother Warn father?

143759 To bring the cat down immediately
143760 Not to fall again
143761 To beware of dogs
143762 To give up

12. How does the father react to the warning?

143763 He finds it a funny joke
143764 He needs it seriously
143765 He obeys her advice
143766 He waits for the right way
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