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We all are clearly aware of that how we see several YouTubers are today making amazing videos and entertaining all of us. And when we talk about great YouTubers, we can today find billions of them who can exactly entertain any of us at any point in time! One of the loved ones is Moriah Elizabeth, a famous content creator who cherished the hearts of everyone. But, apart from just her videos, there’s a lot more to know about her that only a true fan can really know! Do you think you can answer everything about her? Then, why don;t you try this amazing trivia quiz and answer all the questions in here. Start with the quiz now!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which video series on Moriah's channel involves turning ugly squishies into beautiful creations?

A. Squishy Surgery

B. Squishy Transformation

C. Squishy Glow-Up

D. Squishy Revival

2. What is the name of Moriah's DIY crafting kit product line?

A. Crafty Creations B) Art in a Box

B. Option 2

C. Squishy Craft Kits

D. Moriah's Masterpieces

3. What is the name of Moriah's second YouTube channel where she posts vlogs and behind-the-scenes content?

A. Moriah's Life

B. Moriah Vlogs

C. Beth's World

D. More Moriah

4. What does Moriah often refer to as her "nemesis" in her art videos?

A. Glitter

B. Paint spills

C. Broken brushes

D. Drying time

5. Moriah has a series where she makes and decorates her own dolls. What is it called?

A. Doll Makeover Magic

B. Toy Transformation Time

C. Miniature Masterpieces

D. Crafty Doll Creations

6. Which social media platform does Moriah use most frequently to interact with her fans?

A. Twitter

B. Instagram

C. TikTok

D. Facebook

7. What is Moriah's favorite color?

A. Blue

B. Pink

C. Purple

D. Green

8. What is the title of Moriah's book that was published in 2020?

A. "Crafting with Moriah"

B. "The Art of Squishy Makeovers"

C. "Squishy DIY Guide"

D. "The Creative Journey"

9. Which U.S. state is Moriah Elizabeth originally from?

A. California

B. New York

C. Texas

D. Florida

10. What was the name of Moriah's first squishy makeover video that went viral?

A. "Squishy Fixing Experiment"

B. "The Great Squishy Makeover"

C. "Rescuing Sad Squishies"

D. "Squishy Rehab Chronicles"

11. In her early YouTube days, Moriah used to make videos about which popular toy line?


B. Barbie

C. My Little Pony

D. Shopkins

12. What does Moriah call her subscribers/fans?

A. Morians

B. Squishy Squad

C. Crafty Crew

D. Artistic Army

13. What is the name of Moriah's art supply brand?

A. Moriah's Art Co.

B. Moriah's Creative Supplies

C. Create This!

D. Moriah Elizabeth Art Supplies

14. Moriah often collaborates with which fellow YouTuber?

A. Markiplier

B. Tana Mongeau

C. Jaiden Animations

D. James Charles

15. What is Moriah Elizabeth's catchphrase?

A. "Craft on, my friends!"

B. "Create, inspire, innovate!"

C. "Art is life!"

D. "Meow, meow, meow!"


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