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Quiz: How Much You Know About Canadian Aviation?

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1. What is the primary privilege of an AME?

70186 To sign a maintain release
70187 Assume responsibility of aircraft
70188 Both of the above
70189 None of the above

2. How should Tachometer calibration must be checked?

70190 24 months
70191 At least every annual inspection
70192 Every 24 hours
70193 Aircraft personnel every day

3. Which of the following is NOT a type certificate category?

70194 Utility
70195 Transport
70196 Private
70197 Manned Free Balloon

4. Which of the following aircraft must be maintained to the standards of Appendix C Out of Phase Tasks. of CAR 625?

70198 State Aircraft
70199 Large, Turbine Powered Aircraft
70200 Aircraft Powered Car IV
70201 All Of The Above

5. What were Notices to Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Owners (NAMEOs) replaced by?

70202 SDRs
70203 Airworthiness Notices
70204 Service Bulletins
70205 Service Difficulty Alerts

6. How many of the following are types of flight authority? 1)Transport Category 2)Certificate of Airworthiness 3)Specific purpose Flight Permit 4) Commuter Category

70206 1
70207 2
70208 3
70209 4

7. Which of the following is considered specialized maintenance on non-pressurized aircraft skin or the skin of an aircraft float?

70210 Repairs to a skin that requires use of support, jpg or fixture
70211 Repair requiring installation of rivets
70212 Both of the above
70213 None of the above

8. What is a special C of A is a type of?

70214 Type Certificate
70215 Flight Permit
70216 Registration
70217 Flight Authority

9. How do amendments to an AMO's MPM must be incorporated within?

70218 60 Days after approval
70219 30 Days after approval
70220 1 Week after approval
70221 Immediately

10. What does Aeronautical Products include?

70222 Aircraft
70223 Aircraft engines
70224 Aircraft appliancces
70225 All of the above

11. Which is not considered specialized work?

70226 Repair of control system bell crank
70227 Repair by riveting of an aircraft float keel
70228 Repair by riveting of a fuselage longeron
70229 Swaging a control cable

12. What is the maximum static leak rate for the altimeter of an unpressurized aircraft is?

70230 50ft/min
70231 100ft/min
70232 150ft/min
70233 200ft/min

13. What should be the height of the letters in the marks displayed on a heavier-than-air aircraft, that does not display marks under the wing or cabin?

70234 11.8 inches
70235 20 Meters
70236 115.9 inches
70237 31 meters

14. Which AMO program consists of provisions for sampling maintenance processes to evaluate the AMO's ability to perform its maintenance in a safe manner?

70238 Evaluation Program
70239 Quality Program
70240 Quality Assurance Program
70241 Technicality Program

15. What were type Certificates issued by Transport Canada were called before the coming into force of CARs, ?

70242 Type approvals
70243 Type Certificates
70244 Both of the above
70245 None of the above
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