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Whats Wrong With Me Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What's simply the most ideal approach to relax you?

10232 Going out with single friends/ companions
10233 I can't relax
10234 Look at my old photographs
10235 Dressing up and looking great

2. Complete the sentence: “I wish I was more…”

10236 Successful
10237 Independent
10238 Chilled out
10239 Caring

3. Choose of the following and tell us what your biggest fear is?

10240 Being unsuccessful
10241 Dying alone
10242 Humiliating myself
10243 Being trapped

4. Would you like to change something about yourself?

10244 I want to have more guts
10245 Yes, I need to be more relaxed
10246 No, I'm perfect
10247 I want to be progressively genuine about things

5. Who is the most precious yet important person in your life?

10248 My mother
10249 Me
10250 My long lost love
10251 My friends

6. What was the longest relationship you at any point had?

10252 I was never in a long-lasting relationship
10253 A few amazing years
10254 A couple of months
10255 I don't remember

7. When was the last time you cried?

10256 I wasn't happy with my looks
10257 I felt lonely
10258 I cry almost every day
10259 I was thinking about my ex

8. How might you respond if your partner asked you to move in together?

10260 I would say no
10261 I would consider and think about it
10262 Yes, yet I need my very own room
10263 No, it would freak me out

9. It is safe to say that you are you happy with your current career?

10264 No
10265 Yes
10266 Somewhat
10267 Don’t Know

10. Do you think you are good looking?

10268 Yes
10269 I don’t generally think so
10270 I am fine looking
10271 Who really cares
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