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Quiz: What Emotion Is Your Subconscious Hiding? Let's Take this Quiz

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Our subconscious lives those emotions that we actually feel and try to hide from the world? But are we sure that we are aware of all these emotions in our subconscious mind? You might want to know more about your hidden emotions? If yes, then we bring you a very interesting and amazing trivia quiz and you might get to know What emotion is your subconscious hiding? If you are confused to know about your emotions, then just try out this quiz and get your answers!!

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1. What is your personality?

113415 Adventurous
113416 Quirky
113417 Generous
113418 Smart

2. Which of these weather patterns matches your mood best?

113419 A windy, rainy night
113420 An intense summer storm
113421 A hot and sunny day
113422 A slow and humid saturday

3. If you had wings, what would they look like?

113423 Thin and Transparent
113424 Heavy and Golden
113425 Delicate
113426 Big red Leathery

4. I'll be never happy until I eat___________, complete the statement?

113427 Sushi
113428 Pie
113429 Dimsums
113430 Ice Cream

5. Choose: Sky diving, swimming or body surfing?

113431 Sky Diving
113432 Swimming
113433 Body Surfing
113434 I'll prefer a nap

6. You run into an old man at the park and he gives you a warning. What it might be?

113435 Don't walk on the grass
113436 Don't go after waterfalls
113437 Try harder
113438 This is all to enjoy here

7. Which planet would you hail from, If you were an alien?

113439 Mars
113440 Venus
113441 Pluto
113442 Jupiter

8. What's the first word that comes into your head when we say "butter"?

113443 Melted
113444 Tasty
113445 More
113446 Best

9. Imagine you're staying at a hotel in another country. You go to take a shower. What color should be of the tiles?

113447 Red
113448 White
113449 Black
113450 Patterns of pink

10. If you had to pick a tarot card to represent you, which one would it be?

113451 Moon
113452 Empress
113453 Fool
113454 Hieroplant

11. A very dirty dog follows you home and you decide to feed and bathe it. Once you get it clean, what does the dog's coat look like?

113455 Fluffy
113456 Grey and Mangy
113457 Thick and Sleek
113458 Red and curly

12. Which of these objects do you most associate with the color blue?

113459 Ocean
113460 Earrings
113461 Shampoo Bottle
113462 Pebbles
Let’s start the quiz

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