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Avoidant Attachment Style Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What mostly do you and your partner prefer to talk about?

198778 Problems and Concerns
198779 Society
198780 Future Plans
198781 Hardly we talk

2. What your relationship with your partner is about?

198782 Intimacy
198783 Shallow Emotions
198784 Romance
198785 Understanding

3. Are you able to easily rely upon your partner?

198786 Yes emotionally I can rely on my partner
198787 Cannot rely on my partner financially
198788 Can rely with perspective of understanding
198789 Don't rely on my partner at all

4. What emotions do you feel more from your partner's end?

198790 Love
198791 Care
198792 Anger
198793 Responsibility

5. How comfortable do you feel with your partner in a public place?

198794 I flaunt in public when with my partner
198795 I love to spend time with him in public
198796 Feel little awkward
198797 He is hyper person, so feel afraid

6. What do you feel, does your partner also feel the same way for you as you do?

198798 Yes, my partner loves me equally
198799 My partner loves me more than I love
198800 Always try get love from my partner
198801 My partner never reciprocate the same way

7. How do you feel when your partner tries to get too close to you?

198802 Disguised
198803 Romantic
198804 Feel like to run from such situation
198805 Avoid such situations

8. How comfortable are you in sharing your personal thoughts with your partner?

198806 I never hide anything from my partner
198807 I partially share my thoughts with my partner
198808 I share only required thoughts with my partner
198809 Don't feel important to share anything with my partner

9. What would you say about the nature or personality of your partner?

198810 Romantic
198811 Shy
198812 Hyper
198813 Party Freak

10. Does your partner abandon you?

198814 Yes, it's really irritating
198815 Sometimes, when my partner need my attention
198816 It hardly matters to me
198817 It don't affect me at all

11. What would you say about understanding between you and your partner?

198818 Understand each others space
198819 Understand each others silence also
198820 Understand each others problems
198821 Understanding is lacking

12. Is it comfortable for you to be affectionate with your partner?

198822 Yes, I get affectionate with my partner easily
198823 I try to be affectionate with my partner
198824 I hardly affectionate my partner
198825 Never thought about it
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