Halo Character Quiz: Which Halo Character Are You?

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
Halo is one of the popular science fiction video games created and developed by Bungie. This is a set of 26th century which revolved around the interstellar conflict between humanity and various alien species. The halo rings have immense power if it is activated. This series explores the them of morality, sacrifice, heroism, and the use of advanced technology. This Halo series has a great impact on the game world. So take the popular game quiz and know which character is similar to you or in which character you see yourself.

Questions Excerpt

1. If you get the chance to lead any group how will you lead?

A. Lead with dominancy

B. Use my strategy to guide the group

C. Protect our group

D. Lead by giving practical examples

2. If you are in a difficult situation then what do you do?

A. Just tackle it with my full confidence

B. First I analyze the situation and then work on it with a good plan

C. First I focused on safety and then worked on the situation

D. Adapt the situation and use our skills to overcome the situation

3. Which one is the best way for your best friend to describe you?

A. Loyal

B. Intelligent

C. Caring

D. Strong

4. Which one of the following is your preferred Ctyle?

A. Always overpowering our enemies

B. Use clever tactics to defeat our enemy

C. Support our group and protect them from any damage

D. Just lead it with proper planning

5. What's your view toward technology and innovation?

A. Use it to take advantage of it

B. Use it for innovative solutions

C. It is good if we follow ethics of the technology

D. Used as a tool not total dependency on it

6. If you are facing a tough time what do you do next?

A. Do everything to achieve the goal

B. Try to analyze the situation with pros and cons and then make the decision on it

C. Just think about the impact that is faced by other person

D. Just follow my own rules and principles

7. According to you which one is your communication style?

A. Straight and commanding

B. Intellectual but sometimes it becomes complex

C. Understanding

D. Clear

8. When you get any failure or setback, how you will react?

A. Channelise our negative thoughts and anger in some other work

B. Just analyze the situation and try to avoid the same mistake again

C. Try to make everyone comfortable

D. Fightback with full power

9. In any team which role do you want to play?

A. A great leader

B. A good planner

C. A caretaker

D. A dependable teammate

10. For whom do you show your loyalty?

A. Who respects my strength

B. Who is good in knowledge and shows progress

C. Who is good just good and caring in nature

D. Who follow their rules and try to protect humanity

11. When you are at the edge of losing something then what do you do?

A. Fight for it with full of energy

B. Try to think outside the box

C. Try to save them

D. Just inspire others to save it

12. When you get any secret information about any secret thing then how will you handle it?

A. Use it for my benefit

B. Guard them

C. Just share it with my love

D. I don’t disclose it if it is not necessary

13. What is your attitude towards authority figures?

A. I just asked questions

B. Respectful

C. I just support them

D. Follow their rule till they match my rules as well

14. What are your strategies in any critical situation?

A. Dominate the situation

B. Try to remove my weakness and overcome it

C. Always try to protect our teammate

D. Plan according to the situation

15. In a problematic situation which thing motivates you?

A. Just get the goal

B. Reveal the truth behind it

C. Protection of other people

D. My duty and responsibility


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