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Science Lab Safety Quiz: How Much You Know About Science Lab Safety?

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Questions & Options

1. Which of the following is a personal safety equipment science lab?

150438 Personal protection belt kit
150439 Full cover eyeglass
150440 Hand gloves
150441 All of the above

2. Which of the following general science lab safety?

150442 Dress for the Lab
150443 Don't Eat or Drink in the Laboratory
150444 Don't Taste or Sniff Chemicals
150445 All of the above

3. Which you should not do in the science lab?

150446 Do not use the phone
150447 Do not smoke
150448 Do not touch before instruction
150449 All of the above

4. If there is a fire in the lab, immediately______________.

150450 Notify your teacher
150451 Run for the fire alarm
150452 Both of the above
150453 None of these

5. What you have to do If you do not understand directions?

150454 Figure it out as you go
150455 Ask the teacher before proceeding
150456 Skip it and move on
150457 None of these

6. Which should not be worn During a lab experiment?

150458 Loose or bulky clothing
150459 Dangling jewelery
150460 Sandals
150461 All of the above

7. If a piece of equipment isn't working, you should:

150462 Try to restart again and again
150463 Turn it off
150464 Don't care continue with work
150465 Producer horse sound

8. If chemical splashes on your skin, wash the skin at once with:

150466 Soap
150467 Oil
150468 An acid
150469 Plenty of water

9. After completing an experiment, all chemical wastes should be:

150470 Left at your lab station for the next class
150471 Disposed of according to the teacher's instructions
150472 Dumped down the sink
150473 Taken home

10. When you finish working with chemicals and lab equipment, always...

150474 Treat your hands with skin lotion
150475 Wash your hands with soap and water
150476 Wipe your hands on a towel
150477 None of these

11. What is the height of the science lab table?

150478 1 feat
150479 2 feat
150480 3 feat
150481 5 feat

12. Which of the following solution is best for disinfecting a benchtop?

150482 Bleach solution
150483 Detergent powder
150484 Washing soda
150485 Baking soda
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