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Quiz: Which Character From The Boys Are You?

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good fight between superheroes and supervillains? ‘The Boys’ is serving just that. A group of superpowered individuals fighting to eradicate the corruption has made us binge-watch it for hours. So which side do you stand for? Are you just as badass as Billy? Take the quiz to find out which character are you based on your personality.

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1. Which side will you choose in 'The Boys'?

128226 The Boys
128227 The Seven
128228 Both
128229 Neither

2. Do you feel that the world is corrupted?

128230 Yes, and I wanna change it
128231 Yes, but I don’t wanna do anything
128232 Maybe, who cares?
128233 No

3. What superpower would you prefer to have?

128234 Super strength
128235 Ability to fly
128236 Super speed
128237 Telekinesis

4. What is your darkest secret?

128238 Can’t tell you
128239 I’m a sadist
128240 I like frightening others
128241 Don’t have any

5. How do your friends describe you?

128242 Goody two-shoes
128243 Badass
128244 Paranoid
128245 Clueless

6. How do you describe yourself?

128246 Strong
128247 Smart
128248 Kind
128249 Determined

7. If you had to fight a bunch of supervillains alone, you would ______________?

128250 Fight to death
128251 Contact my team
128252 Runaway
128253 Faint in fear

8. Were you the same person you 10 years ago?

128254 No, life has been tough
128255 No, but I needed to change for good
128256 Pretty much the same
128257 Totally the same

9. If someone killed your loved ones, you would ____________?

128258 Seek revenge
128259 Cry
128260 Forgive them
128261 Become a villain

10. What is your weakness?

128262 Pessimism
128263 Paranoia
128264 Uptightness
128265 Indecisiveness
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