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What Year Am I Born Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. While you throw a party what do you most like to do?

179590 Host the party
179591 Dance and enjoy
179592 Gossip with friends
179593 Don't like to party much

2. Do you make videos if yes then where do you prefer to upload them?

179594 Instagram
179595 YouTube
179596 No I don't like to make videos
179597 Everywhere

3. Were you ever involved in any protest?

179598 I guess no
179599 Few in Organization
179600 In school
179601 Once

4. Do you feel comfortable to solve disputes or arguments between your friends if happen any?

179602 No I don't feel ok to interrupt
179603 Yes I try
179604 Stay away unless ask
179605 Try to maintain peace

5. What would you say about your singing?

179606 Love to sing
179607 Group Singer
179608 Naaah not at all good at singing
179609 Bathroom singer

6. How frequently are you active on your social media accounts?

179610 Every minute
179611 As I get any notification
179612 Once in a week
179613 Very rare

7. Have you ever used a VHS player?

179614 I think no
179615 What's that?
179616 I think Yes
179617 Who watch VHS now?

8. When do you feel like doing your works that are pending due to any reason?

179618 Over weekends
179619 Once in a month
179620 Depends on urgency
179621 Try to complete my work at daily base

9. What you would react to changes in your life?

179622 Excited
179623 Scared
179624 Careful
179625 Go with the flow

10. Do you advise your friends about their love life?

179626 Yes, but only when they ask for
179627 We don't discuss about our love life
179628 I don't feel comfortable
179629 Always ready for it
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