Quiz: Which Little Miss Character Are You?

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Little Miss Character is a children's television series created by "Roger Hargreaves". This series is a collection of adventures of popular Mr. Men and Little Miss characters. This series is based on a real person who created a special fashion show in Paris for Stella McCartney. It was a TV show liked by most people at that time.

Questions Excerpt

1. Among the following what is your favorite Netflix show?

A. Shameless

B. Girl from nowhere

C. 13 reasons why

D. Pretty Little Liars

2. How would you respond if someone ask for your well being?

A. Say doing terrible

B. Say doing fine

C. Say doing okay

D. Tell how doing and ask too

3. If you are hurt by someone what would you do?

A. Take Revenge

B. Move on and deal with it

C. Share it with someone

D. Cry for time

4. If you are given gift without any occasion what would you do?

A. Open it immediately

B. Smile and say thank you

C. Would ask reason for gift

D. Would be confused regarding reaction

5. What would you do if you are physically hurt by a bully?

A. Get aggressive

B. You stare at them

C. Would focus over your wounds

D. Calm yourself and leave from there

6. How you feel when it's raining?

A. Enjoy tea and snacks

B. Feel joy and happiness

C. Go and take bath in rain

D. Don't like rain at all

7. What would you response if someone ask you to go out for shopping?

A. Give excuses and deny to go

B. Will accompany for shopping

C. Will try to reschedule plan

D. Will directly say not to go

8. What would be your reaction over confession of someone's love for you?

A. Happily Accept it

B. Reject it

C. Make fun of it

D. Explain about your situation and ask for some time to think

9. Which lyrics would you select for yourself?

A. I'm laughing on the outside, Crying on the inside

B. Poor Little Liddy used to always quit

C. I don't wanna wait now But I know you gon' make me

D. You do it to yourself, you do

10. Who is your all time artist among the following?

A. Eminem

B. Taylor Swift

C. Lil peep

D. Mitski

11. Which character you are able to relate yourself with?

A. Katie Fitch (Skins)

B. Evie Zamora (Thirteen)

C. Jennifer Check (Jennifers Body)

D. Love Quinn

12. What would be your selection among the following phrase?

A. I hate getting emotionally attached

B. Just a wretched piece of shit

C. Thinking Alcohol

D. I may be obsessive to my point

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