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Test Your Knowledge About Communication System Quiz

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Communication means to exchange information. But this information may not be useful until the exchange of this information. Earlier it used to take a lot of time to send information or message from one place to another. But presently the exchange of messages has become very easy and time seems too short. Satellite and television have turned the whole world into a city. We have our voice and language in the most powerful medium of communication and as its carrier, we have letters, telephone, fax, telegram, mobile, and internet, etc. The purpose of communication is the exchange of messages and ideas. The entire human civilization is based on this communication and information technology was born to make this communication fast and easy. Computer, mobile, internet were all invented for this communication. Let's know more about Communication System quiz questions and answers.

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1. Which of the following mode of communication is/are not employed for the transmission of T.V. signals?

58926 Sky wave propagation
58927 Ground wave propagation
58928 Both of the above
58929 None of these

2. Which is the length of the quarter-wave antenna for transmission frequency of 20 MHz?

58930 7.2 m
58931 3.75 m
58932 2.22 m
58933 All of the above

3. Modulation is the process of superposing of ------------.

58934 low frequency message signal on high frequency waves
58935 low frequency radio signal on high frequency audio waves
58936 Modulation is the process of superposing
58937 None of these

4. If both the length of an antenna and the wavelength of the signal to be transmitted are doubled, What is the power radiated by the antenna?

58938 Remains Constant
58939 Increases 4 times
58940 Increases 8 times
58941 None of these

5. A message signal of frequency (ωm) is superposed on a carrier wave of frequency (ωc) to get an amplitude modulated wave (AM). The frequency of the AM wave will be what?

58942 ωc
58943 ωm
58944 Both of the above
58945 None of these

6. Which one conditions must be fulfilled in a good digital communication system?

58946 Low transmit power
58947 High fidelity
58948 High data rate
58949 All of the above

7. Wired channels are which type of channel?

58950 Lossless
58951 Lossy
58952 Lossy & Lossless
58953 All of the above

8. The equivalent temperature in a receiver design. It must be always kept...

58954 Low
58955 High
58956 Both of the above
58957 None of these

9. Which are the main features of a transmitter?

58958 Directional antennas
58959 Linear power amplifier
58960 Higher clock speed
58961 All of the above

10. Transmission media used for medium frequency band are which type of cable?

58962 Optical fiber
58963 Copper cable
58964 Coaxial cable
58965 None of these

11. Matched filter technique is used to which type of demodulation process?

58966 Increase SNR
58967 SNR is not affected
58968 Decrease SNR
58969 All of the above

12. Which are the main features of a receiver?

58970 Synchronization & Multiple parallel receiver chain
58971 Multiple parallel receiver chain
58972 Both of the above
58973 None of these
Let’s start the quiz

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