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How To Know If A Boy Likes You Quiz

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Is it genuine that you are in a dilemma whether he likes or not? This is the major reason why a majority of don’t admit their feelings in front of your favorite person. In a perfect world, this fun test will clear the whole of your inquiries and helps you to determine how to find out if a boy likes you.

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1. When he stares at you, to what extent does he hold eye to eye connection?

28862 Usually for like a couple of moments
28863 It appears until the end of time!
28864 He stares at me however with a devoid look
28865 He never stares

2. Is it true that you are great companions?

28866 Not truly
28867 Yeah, we can discuss anything
28868 We're closest companions
28869 somewhere

3. Has he ever touched you?

28870 Sometimes
28871 No
28872 Yeah
28873 Most of the time when he get the chance

4. Has he at any point touched you?

28874 Sometimes
28875 No
28876 Yeah
28877 We barely talk

5. Do you often catch him gazing at you?

28878 Not truly!
28879 Once or twice
28880 Yes, constantly!
28881 Sometimes, however he may gaze at some young lady beside me

6. Does he flirt with you?

28882 Not truly
28883 Yes
28884 Once or twice
28885 Never

7. Does he is in a relationship?

28886 No
28887 I don't know
28888 Yes
28889 I really think so

8. Do you two talk regularly?

28890 Pretty frequently!
28891 Occasionally!
28892 He doesn't have the foggiest idea what my voice sounds like!
28893 We want to but never did

9. How would you know each other?

28894 He is in one of my classes and we're great companions
28895 We chance upon one another constantly! Furthermore, he generally says "hello" first!
28896 We are in a similar school
28897 We talk every so often however generally about school/work

10. Has he ever tried to make you laugh?

28898 Yes
28899 Sometimes
28900 He makes me laugh all the time, but never succeed
28901 No

11. Does he ever admire you?

28902 He did that one time
28903 Yes, every day
28904 We never talk
28905 No
Let’s start the quiz

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