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US Immigration Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

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1. What famous neighborhood in New York was a tenement housing district and considered a ghetto?

70102 Lower East Side
70103 New York
70104 California
70105 East River Side

2. Which of the following words is defined as: to deny citizenship to an immigrant and make him or her leave the country in which they wish to become a citizen?

70110 Asylum
70111 Assimilation
70112 Push Factor
70113 Deport

3. What word is used to describe the lowest level of a passenger ship where people who purchased the cheapest tickets travelled?

70114 First Class
70115 Steerage
70116 Economy Sitting
70117 Immigrant Level

4. What Act was passed by Abraham Lincoln that caused many German and Scandinavian immigrants to settle in the Midwest?

70122 The Homestead Act of 1862
70123 The Immigration Act of 1882
70124 The Homestead Act of 1890
70125 The Immigration Act Of 1876

5. Which of the following words is defined as: small towns surrounding or outside of a large city?

70126 Urban
70127 Rural
70128 Suburban
70129 Intercoastal

6. What is a pull factor of immigration?

70134 Surban areas to be encountered
70135 Things that lure a person to a new country to live
70136 Things that make a person leave their home
70137 Thoughts of not able to leave the country

7. Which immigrant group settled in the Mid-West to farm and to the Pacific Northwest to pursue careers?

70138 German Inmigrants
70139 Scandinavian Immigrants
70140 Russian Immigrants
70141 Indian Immigrants

8. Which of the following words is defined as: to delay or stop an immigrant from proceeding by holding them for further testing or making them wait?

70142 Deportation
70143 Processing
70144 Detainment
70145 Quarantine

9. Which of the following words is defined as: migration to a new country?

70146 Immigration
70147 Emigration
70148 Migration
70149 Annexure

10. What word is defined as a record of everyone on board a passenger ship?

70166 Visa
70167 Green Card
70168 Passport
70169 Manifest

11. What major advancement in transportation was made possible by Chinese Immigrants?

70170 California Stage Coach
70171 The Greyhound Bus System
70172 The Transcontinental Railroad
70173 Henry Ford's Model T Automoobiles

12. What catastrophic event drove 100,000 Irish people a year to immigrate to America?

70174 Great Potato Famine
70175 Sinking Of Titanic
70176 Both of the above
70177 None of the above

13. What monument welcomed immigrants to Ellis Island after 1885?

70178 Lincoln Memorial
70179 Liberty Bell
70180 Empire State Building
70181 Statue of Liberty

14. Who was the Italian immigrant who's anarchist politics got him blamed for a murder he did not commit?

70182 Bartolomeo Vanzetti
70183 Al Pachino
70184 Graham Bell
70185 Henry Ford
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