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Which Form Of Satanism Suits You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What are your views on God?

165172 He’s the almighty
165173 He doesn’t make sense to me
165174 He doesn’t exist
165175 He wants us to be slaves

2. Do you believe there is an afterlife?

165176 Yes
165177 No
165178 I used to, but now I don’t
165179 I used to not, but now I do

3. Which virtue do you tend to possess?

165180 Self-control
165181 Integrity
165182 Courage
165183 Compassion

4. To what extent can you go in order to fulfill your personal desires?

165184 Hurting others
165185 Hurting my own self
165186 I don’t wish to value my personal desires
165187 I don’t believe in any limits

5. Do you believe in Satan’s existence?

165188 I do
165189 I don’t
165190 I used to
165191 I will

6. Do you worship any power?

165192 Yes, God
165193 Yes, Satan
165194 Yes, some other
165195 No

7. Have you ever committed a criminal offense?

165196 Yes, no one knows it
165197 Yes, people know
165198 No, but I will
165199 No, I will never

8. What do you think about animal sacrifice?

165200 There’s no harm in it
165201 Even if there’s harm, I don’t care
165202 I believe in human sacrifice as well
165203 It’s unfair

9. What do you think about hell?

165204 It exists, but I need not to worry
165205 It exits, but I’m uncertain of my arrival there
165206 It exits, and it will surely subject me to sufferings
165207 It doesn’t exists

10. Finally, do you follow any form of satanism?

165208 Yes
165209 No
165210 I don’t know
165211 Prefer not to say
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