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How To Tell If Your Dog Loves You or Not Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How often do you play with your dog?

148906 More than one hour daily
148907 More than one hour in two days
148908 Not so frequently
148909 Never

2. How often do you take your dog for a walk?

148910 Twice a day
148911 Once a day
148912 Once every two day
148913 Not that frequently

3. How does your dog behave when you leave your house?

148914 He barks
148915 He cries
148916 He simply observes
148917 He doesn’t care

4. How often do you forget to give him his food?

148918 Never
148919 Rarely
148920 Quite a few times
148921 Very often

5. How frequently does your dog listen to you when you tell him to do something?

148922 He obeys every time
148923 He does things when he wishes
148924 He doesn’t obey only when he is sad
148925 He doesn’t obey quite often

6. How your dog behaves in front of your camera?

148926 He behaves normally
148927 He doesn’t behave at all
148928 He exaggerates his skills more
148929 He tries to avoid the camera

7. How does your dog behave when you return home?

148930 Very happy and joyful
148931 He barks
148932 He walks around
148933 He doesn’t care

8. How often does your dog bark for no reason?

148934 Never
148935 Sometimes only
148936 Often
148937 He does many times I guess I don’t pay attention to it now

9. How does your dog feel when you compare him with other dogs?

148938 Jealous
148939 Sad
148940 Normal
148941 Angry

10. How well your dog understands your words?

148942 Very well. Almost everything
148943 Sometimes he doesn’t understand what I tell him to do.
148944 Only sometimes he is able to understand what we are trying to say
148945 He don’t understands anything
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